The ibüümerang Büümerang Opportunity is truly unique.  You get to share half of the member (TSA) iGO savings with a customer, and in return, you get to earn CASH Rewards.

Sending a büümerang is super easy:

  1. Go to the Büümerang Widget on your TSA Dashboard
  2. Put in your Customer's First Name and Last Name
  3. If you want to Text the Büümerang Invitation to your Customer, put their phone number in the Send as SMS box -- be sure to include the Country Code ... DO NOT CLICK SEND YET 
  4. If you want to Email the Büümerang Invitation to your Customer, put their email address in the Send as Email box... DO NOT CLICK SEND YET
  5. Set the Expiration Date for the Invite Code
  6. Click Generate Code
  7. Click Send As SMS to send a text to your customer
  8. Click Send As Email to send an email invitation to your customer
  9. Or Click Copy to Clipboard to send your own message to your Customer
Please note that Customers will need to go to to enter the code and Activate their site.   Once they enter the code and plug in their basic information, they will be given their login and password for their iGO site (    The Customer should write it down or take a screenshot.

When they are ready to book travel, they will need to go to and enter their username and password.   

This training video shows you how to send a büümerang to your customers.   You'll learn how to send them individually, how to send büümerangs to groups, and how to set the expiration date.

Watch the training now and you'll learn everything you need to build a massive customer base.