When you upgrade you get the additional number of boomerangs that will bring you to the total number of boomerangs you should have at a given package.


You are at Standby with 5 Boomerangs.

You upgrade to Coach.

Coach is supposed to have 10 Boomerangs in total.

So when you upgrade from Standby to Coach, you get 5 additional boomerangs which brings you to 10 total.

Boomerang Upgrade Amounts*:

  • From Standby to Coach Class = 5
  • From Standby to Business Class = 20
  • From Standby to First Class = 45
  • From Coach to Business Class = 15
  • From Coach to First Class = 40
  • From Business Class to First Class = 25
* Amount shown is the number of additional boomerangs you get when you upgrade