Group boomerangs are tied to a campaign, not an individual.  They allow you to generate one Buumerang code that can be used by multiple people.

Once a group boomerang is generated, a single code is issued that you can make available to a selected number of people on a first come first served basis.  When setting up the group boomerang, you will determine:

  1. How many people can use it?  This is the total number of boomerangs that your Group Buumerang code represents.
  2. How long the code will be available to the group.   This is the expiration date.   

Your total number of available boomerangs will be reduced by the number of boomerangs that are represented by your group Buumerang code.   For example, if you create a code for a group that has 10 people in it, your total number of boomerangs will be reduced by 10.    

Each person that uses the Group Boomerang Code that you created, will have their own personal site -- they are NOT all booking on the same site. 

Any boomerangs that are not used by the expiration date that you set, will return to your inventory.   For example, if you create a group boomerang code for 30 people ... and only 20 people use it by the expiration date ... the remaining 10 will come back to your inventory for you to use again.