Loading funds to your card to spend or withdraw from an ATM is always the least expensive way to access your funds in Payap.

The wire transfer option on your Payap ‘Payments’ page is how you can send funds to your bank if that is what you prefer. Just click the 'wire funds' option on the Payments page and complete the form.
Main navigation > Payments > Select Payment Type > Wire Transfer. 

It is extremely important that you are sure you have entered all the information correctly and completely on the wire transfer form. The info will be the same on the form no matter how your funds are transferred in the wired funds' section. 

If you are in the USA funds will automatically go via ACH for a $2.00 fee and should be received at your bank within 24 to 48 International banking hours. Please understand there are international bank holidays which may not be the same as the holidays in your location. 

If you are in Europe, funds will be sent via SEPA and all other funds will go out via wire. Payap does not charge any fee for wire or SEPA, but the intermediary bank and receiving banks usually charge fees which can make this method expensive. 

Wire transfers can take up to 4 international banking days to arrive at your bank. We do offer a ’rush wire’ option to arrive in 24 banking hours for a cost of 40XTB.

Any additional fees you see for transfers are bank charges and not from Payap.

Payap has no control over the charges from other banks. The receiving bank and the intermediary bank are charging those fees and they will vary from bank to bank.  An Intermediary bank is any bank between the issuing bank and the beneficiary bank. International wires require an intermediary bank.

If your funds do not arrive in the suggested time there is a good chance you have entered a name mismatch or invalid or incorrect numbers.  This will cause your funds to be returned to Payap and bank fees will be deducted before it is returned to us. The funds that arrive from the receiving bank is exactly what we deposit into your account.

Our goal at Payap is for members to have access to their funds without high fees. That's why we only charge a low flat fee for each of our services. Most banks and wallets charge a percentage which can be a lot of money in fees.